Mistress Facesitting Story

She hovered above her male slave; mouth a laughing taunting ruby red smile as she wiped his face with her wet pussy lips. She had been facesitting him with her naked shaved pussy for what seemed like hours as he lay spent and tied to the bed in her private apartment. Mistress Diana had been hired to do this by the pig himself.

A Male Ripe For Humiliation

He was an odd one. He loved to be dominated and humiliated by a dominant bitch, and to tell you the truth, Mistress Diana more than loved to comply. He paid in gold and was also quite good looking for being a grubbing male pig. His need for total sexual humiliation and degradation was desperate. He needed it badly.

She shaved her pussy hair and allowed the stubble to grow in just to taunt him and to make it rough and abrasive against his face as she treated him to some hot facesitting over and over in her apartment loft. His chin, lips and nose were totally engulfed in her pulsating wet, juicy twat. Mistress Diana had orgasmed over and over as she ground her hot throbbing pussy into this lowly male’s face and now she wanted to allow her slave boy toy some more of what he craved. She let him breathe a bit, his face beginning to show a rash from her pussy grind and he gasped for air.

A Hot Golden Shower

Sneering, she then let out a boiling stream of hot piss that filled his mouth and ran down his face.

His cock got hard and fully erect as he tasted her warm juice. He loved this. She whipped her long black hair around in a circle as she let fly. Her luxuriant tresses went almost down to her incredibly shapely ass and she wrapped it around his cock and jerked him off with it for two tortuously slow minutes. He gasped and writhed. She knew this little male pig of hers like the back of her hand.

She ordered him to turn over in the bed and then laughed at him as he attempted it but his bonds were too tight. She released one arm and leg at a time as she flipped him over and clasped the metal handcuffs behind his back while she jerked his head back by the hair.

Butt Pugged And Buggered By The Bitch

“You are not a man. You are a little sissy pussy!” Mistress Diana railed. He knew better than to try and answer her taunts and humiliations.

She pushed a large black rubber butt plug into his clenching ass and he moaned like a bitch. She fucked him with it a little bit, thrusting it back and forth into his stinging anus. He was lying on his erect cock and could smell the hot piss on the sheet below him.

He paid her well to humiliate him like this on a weekly basis.

Kneeling on his back, she got out her favorite braided cat-o-nine-tails and gave him searing hot lashings that slashed and brusied the tender flesh off his back and naked ass. She rubbed her full naked breasts over the reddened skin and reached under to pull his cock roughly making him spurt hot cum onto the bed beneath him.

“You made a disgusting mess, slave! I command you to lick it up!”

Mistress Diana released his restraints and watched smugly as he gingerly licked at the splattered droplets of his own hot cum.

“All of it, pussy!”

She then stood up, wiggling her beautiful bare ass to the table where she lit a blunt, took a few drags and then savagely ashed it in his face. Blowing him a kiss, Mistress Diana left him naked, brusied and messy in the cold room.

She was the best!


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