Wives Who Spank Volume 2

It’s out! The second volume of spanked husband stories from Mistress Femme entitled “Wives Who Spank 2″ and it’s HOT!

“My readers can’t seem to get enough of these dominant wife and submissive husband marital discipline and humiliation stories, so I got busy and I have to say the stories are really good!” says Mistress Femme, noted erotic author and professional Dominatrix, “When I sat down, the characters and situations just flowed. I was able to use lots of things that have happened in my real world persona as a Dominatrix and the realism comes through nicely. Of course, some are set in different times and places, but it has the overall feel of one who knows that the best thing for a woman to maintain control of her husband and marriage is by spanking him – HARD!”

Stories this time around include:

Married Men Need Discipline
Spanked In Front Of The Help
Spanking The Sissy
The Belt That Saves
Teaching To Spank
Conrad And The Cane

The action is hot and the spanking is ferocious! Come see why Mistress Femme is one of leading femdom and BDSM erotic authors working today – grab your copy of “Wives Who Spank 2: Spanked Husband Stories” today from Amazon and this site!


My Mistress Is A Female Bodybuilder

I’ve always been sexually aroused by strong women, both my mother and my older sister were physically powerful and intimidating women, and I think it inoculated in me a desire to be dominated and controlled by a strong woman. So it is probably no surprise to most people to learn that I am the submissive sex slave of a female bodybuilder.

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Facesitting The Pool Boy

My best friend Jess is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She and I have always been close and I love her so much because of her unabashed free spirit. She now lives in a big country house, complete with a swimming pool, that I just adore. She has her own business selling turquoise jewelry she makes herself and it’s doing really well, so the house was a present of sorts to mark her first three years at it.

Unlike Jess, I have always tried to find new things that will make me happy and satisfied in my life. Every time I would get a job, I would do my best to get promoted and succeed, but nothing ever seemed to really click for me. I just can’t imagine myself being an office clone, or doing the same old job each day. I need excitement! Something that will motivate me to be the best at what I do.

So I became a Dominatrix!

I’ve always being sexually dominant in bed, and have had all the usual schoolgirl fantasies of being adored and worshipped as a Goddess, so falling into the “lifestyle” was easy. But I had always held back on making the final leap to doing it as a living, that is, until something happened one day when I went to visit my friend Jess.

It was a period where I was feeling slightly lost, in between jobs and I took some time off to clear my mind and see where to go next. I’ve always liked having control of my life and I couldn’t bear having another boss (usually a guy on some fucking power trip) on my back telling me what to do anymore. I decided to spend a few days at Jess’s place and just enjoy some girl time with her. I hadn’t seen her in a while and I really wanted the two of us to catch up.

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Lesbian Toilet Domination Story

Hello, my dear friends! I hope you all are staying healthy and happy this year! Life is too short to have any hangups and inhibitions, so get out and enjoy yourselves!! Today I thought I’d share a sexy little episode with you that happened when I was last in New York. As you know, I have a roster of rich powerful men and women that I punish, and one of them happens to be an assistant to the Mayor. We’ll call her “Sharon” (she’s married and aside from her high profile job, I doubt her husband would understand her sweet desire to be humiliated by another woman). Sharon is a delightful thirty-five year old blonde who has a fetish for toilet training. She loves it when Mistress takes her to the bathroom and makes her pee and shit on demand. I also make her service me in my “duties”.

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A Slave Speaks Of His Mistress

I could hear the clack of her high-heeled footsteps coming down the stairs and enter the hall to the dungeon. It was a spooky sound. I hung from the wall on a hook in the basement with my mouth bound, blindfolded, totally naked and helpless. I had proven a good obedient slave for Mistress Femme. I had been good, no crying or begging, obedient as ever. I had made her hungry for my punishment though. I adored her attention and stinging, cruel humiliations. My shame was fed only through her physical abuse and the searing pain she inflicted upon me. It was cold. My ass puckered and my little limp sissy cock dangled snug against my balls.

When would SHE return? It could be hours or days, depending on her schedule and mood. I was so hungry. My empty stomach growled and gurgled as I hung there. My feet were cramping as they barely touched the floor. My chest was tight and arms even stretched above my head.

The room was SO dark. My sense of place and time were screwed up terribly. I suddenly felt a touch behind me on my naked ass and almost pissed myself in fear. A scraping motion on my backside someone’s long talon-like fingernails followed by a sharp slap that sent me swinging in pain in my chains!

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Mistress Facesitting Story

She hovered above her male slave; mouth a laughing taunting ruby red smile as she wiped his face with her wet pussy lips. She had been facesitting him with her naked shaved pussy for what seemed like hours as he lay spent and tied to the bed in her private apartment. Mistress Diana had been hired to do this by the pig himself.

A Male Ripe For Humiliation

He was an odd one. He loved to be dominated and humiliated by a dominant bitch, and to tell you the truth, Mistress Diana more than loved to comply. He paid in gold and was also quite good looking for being a grubbing male pig. His need for total sexual humiliation and degradation was desperate. He needed it badly.

She shaved her pussy hair and allowed the stubble to grow in just to taunt him and to make it rough and abrasive against his face as she treated him to some hot facesitting over and over in her apartment loft. His chin, lips and nose were totally engulfed in her pulsating wet, juicy twat. Mistress Diana had orgasmed over and over as she ground her hot throbbing pussy into this lowly male’s face and now she wanted to allow her slave boy toy some more of what he craved. She let him breathe a bit, his face beginning to show a rash from her pussy grind and he gasped for air.

A Hot Golden Shower

Sneering, she then let out a boiling stream of hot piss that filled his mouth and ran down his face.

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