Little Dinky

Everybody knows Little Dinky. He’s a guy at our school who got that nickname because of his pathetically small penis, or at least that’s what people said. Personally I thought he was kind of cute and always seemed ready to let me cheat off his math tests, hehe. But it wasn’t until we went on a double date with my best friend Shanna and her boyfriend Phil, that I found out how small it really was!

We went out for a movie (a real turd called “Battleship” starring Rhianna, who sucked btw) and ended up smoking a blunt down by the river.

After we parked in my friend’s SUV, Dinky and I moved to the front and started going at it. He fumbled with my breasts and when I took off my top he said he was “so hard”. But when Dinky pulled out his cock I couldn’t believe my eyes! He was hung like a five year old. I started laughing and my friends, peering over the back seat where they were making out too, saw his little cock and started laughing too.

Humiliated For Having A Small Penis

Poor Dinky turned red as a fucking beet and his tiny meat pencil shriveled in his hand to the size of a peanut! I swear! It looked like a little white mushroom!

“With a cock like that, you should just wear a dress!” Shanna said. Taking off the little green miniskirt she was wearing, she reached over and put it on him. He started to protest but I took off my panties and put them over his head, shutting him up, then made him put on my yellow blouse. He looked just like a little schoolgirl!

Phil just laughed but I did sort of notice a gleam in his eye when we had finished dressing Dinky like a chick. I even put lipstick on him and he actually looked kind of pretty.

Forced To Suck

“If you don’t want us to tell all the girls”, I said, “You’d better do what you’re told. I want to see you suck Phil’s cock!”

Shanna grabbed him by the hair and forced his face down to the level of Phil’s cock as he stood in the backseat.

“Do it!” I said.

He reluctantly agreed and without too much effort we made him suck off Phil while Shanna and I watched and then sort of played with each other a bit. I took out my metal vibrator from my purse and started drilling him up that tiny butthole, sticking it all the way in and turning it to full. I asked him how it felt, but all he could say was “Ulp… smack…slurp” with his mouth full of Phil’s nice big cock.

Shanna took over and pronged his ass pretty hard while Phil and I started fucking in front of them.

Poor Dinky looked ashamed and sulky at his harsh treatment, but I noticed that his little penis had gotten hard again. He wouldn’t admit it, but the silly little fucker was enjoying himself!

We tried to get Phil to bang Dinky in the ass, but he wasn’t into that and the night just kind of fizzled out, although we did get pretty stoned. Next day in school Dinky didn’t show up because he was “sick”, but we later found out it was because he had to go to the doctor to have his butthole checked. I guess Shanna got a little TOO carried away with the vibrator and had really wrecked his asshole. Ha!

A small penis AND a stretched asshole!

I guess poor Dinky just got dealt a shit hand of cards in the game of life;)

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