A Sissy Gets Spanked

My Mistress knows that frequently I am naughty on purpose and need my panties taken down and bare bottom spanked. But today she was not in the mood for any of my mischief and decided to teach me a lesson!

Spanked In Front Of The Guests

She was having tea in the garden with a couple of female friends, when I “mistakenly” didn’t include the sugar on the serving tray, knowing it would make her cross and hoping she would punish me. But in private – I really didn’t want her to thrash me in front of her guests. When she discovered my error, she quickly jumped to her feet and demanded I come right back out there and stand before her.

“You stupid little slut!” she screamed “I expect you to be on your best behavior when I have guests and you pull THIS shit?”

I kept my mouth shut as she had always trained me to never speak directly to her.

“Bend over that chair and take your panties down!”

I did so, feeling a delicious blush of shame as the two other women smiled and giggled at me, a middle-aged man in a sissy maid outfit bent over a chair with his naked bum sticking out. Mistress took her crop from the table where it lay and really laid into me with it!


She didn’t even scold me between blows, she just kept flogging me relentlessly till, I have to admit, it hurt so bad I started crying!

A Very Sorry Sissy Male Maid

After a few minutes of this I could take no more and made the mistake of putting my hands over my stinging bottom to block the blows.

“You little bitch! Get those hands out of the way!”

Again she laced my now welted and bleeding bottom with her crop. Her friends sat there smiling and nodding approvingly. After a few more moments of indescribable pain she stopped.

“Now you go back in the house and stand in the corner of the kitchen until I come and get you!”

I did so immediately, hobbling off with my panties around my knees and bare bottom stinging like nothing I’d ever felt before. I even spilled a few drop of pee from the pain, but luckily Mistress didn’t see that or she would of REALLY punished me.

Later, after I had stood in the corner for about two hours she came in and allowed me to pull up my panties and go to my room for the rest of the day. I dropped onto my pink feather bed and drifted off to sleep, thoroughly exhausted after my little escapade of the afternoon.

She is very strict, but I do love my Goddess so and always obey.

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