Camping With A Sissy Male Maid

Being sexually dominant can be so tiring, always having to take the lead and force your lover to obey your wishes, sometimes we gals just need to get away for a while and relax.

Relax in a way that mind sound strange to “regular” people, but seems totally natural to us.

So, my two girlfriends, Mistress Gina and Lady Astor (from My Phone Mistress a cool domination site), and I went camping last week out in the Mojave desert. And WOW, what a good time we had!

This guy Kevin, a male that was a friend of Mistress Gina’s, had begged and begged to go with us, so thinking he might come in useful, we let him.

But on one condition.

He would be our mutual slave and plaything. Of course being a stupid male, he was all on board with it thinking he was going to get fucked and just be the little love slave of three dominant Goddesses.

Idiot boy.

A Personal Camping Sissy Male Maid

He had no idea what deliciously humiliating situations we had in store for him. I bet he will never ask to go with another group of chicks for a weekend again after this one. HA!
We went to the desert in a very remote area, no cell phones or anything. Better so that no one could rescue his sorry ass.

Once there, the fun began. First, we made him strip naked. Then we took turns drilling his ass with a strapon that Lady Astor had brought in her pack (hey, a Dominatrix has to take her supplies when going into the wild, right?) and tied his cock and balls up tight with some plastic ties off the bread bags. You should of heard him whimper when Mistress Tara gave his swollen red balls a good kick in her hiking boots!

After that, we forced him to put on some sexy lingerie we had brought just for his shame. Then for the rest of the weekend, we made him do our bidding.

He had to set up the tents, cook, clean dishes, carry our packs when we went hiking. All of this in a little lacy bra and panties. All weekend!

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It was fucking hilarious! Having a sissy male maid on the trail is the ultimate camping experience, gals, trust us on that! We had so fun in fact, us girls have decided we are going to this to a different guy at least once a month – and make them pay us for the experience.

Any of you little sissies up for a weekend of ultimate humiliation in the wild?

Mistress Tara

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