A Sissy Male Maid Confesses

Recently Mistress caught me masturbating to pictures of naked women online without her permission. And as punishment, she forced me to compose and publish this public confession of my guilt and well deserved punishment. Even though I know I am not to use the computer in her house or touch myself without her express permission, the other day, overcome by sexual frustration at being denied an orgasm for the past 3 months, I stole into her study and violated her trust by using her laptop to surf porn.

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A Slave Speaks Of His Mistress

I could hear the clack of her high-heeled footsteps coming down the stairs and enter the hall to the dungeon. It was a spooky sound. I hung from the wall on a hook in the basement with my mouth bound, blindfolded, totally naked and helpless. I had proven a good obedient slave for Mistress Femme. I had been good, no crying or begging, obedient as ever. I had made her hungry for my punishment though. I adored her attention and stinging, cruel humiliations. My shame was fed only through her physical abuse and the searing pain she inflicted upon me. It was cold. My ass puckered and my little limp sissy cock dangled snug against my balls.

When would SHE return? It could be hours or days, depending on her schedule and mood. I was so hungry. My empty stomach growled and gurgled as I hung there. My feet were cramping as they barely touched the floor. My chest was tight and arms even stretched above my head.

The room was SO dark. My sense of place and time were screwed up terribly. I suddenly felt a touch behind me on my naked ass and almost pissed myself in fear. A scraping motion on my backside someone’s long talon-like fingernails followed by a sharp slap that sent me swinging in pain in my chains!

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