Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme

A wife who is bored and lonely can get into all sorts of delicious trouble…

Listen up, husbands – unless you want to become the punked out sissy bitch of your cheating wife’s new black bull lover, you better start paying your woman some attention! But if you like reading about hot cuckold sex and relationships, then this collection of some my hottest sex stories is for you!

Titles in this collection include:

His First Black Bull
Cheating And Proud Of It
Forced To Watch
Creampie For The Cuckold
The Little Husband

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Bored And Tired Of A Lazy Husband

I am so damn bored and sexually unsatisfied in my marriage. My husband Jim has become quite the lazy bore and seems completely uninterested in sex with me lately.

He comes home from working at the plant, plops his big fat butt down on the couch with a cocktail and ignores my beauty! I’m good looking and he used to make such a fuss about my looks. Now he just sits there staring at the television, scratching his ass and farting like some gross old geezer.

An Ignored Wife Is A Dangerous Thing!

I’m thinking I need to shake things up a bit in my life. Maybe make Jim realize what a total idiot he has become and how lucky he is to have a babe like me. But how?

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