Strictly Susan – The First Collection

Strictly Susan - The First Collection

Sixteen explicit stories of Female Domination“Strictly Susan – The First Collection” is a collection of sixteen explicit stories of sexual domination of men by women. Pain, bondage, control, punishment and facesitting are common themes, but equally important are the themes of arousal and discovery.For the girls and women in these stories, there is the discovery of excitement and arousal at having a helpless man completely under their control. For the man, the power of an aroused female may come as a surprise and a shock, and almost invariably he finds himself in a situation he never expected and from which he cannot escape.

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The FemDom Collection: 4 Adult Tales of Male Submission

The FemDom Collection: 4 Adult Tales of Male Submission

The FemDom Collection:4 Adult Tales of Male SubmissionThis is a collection of 4 female domination/male submission stories.The Dressing Room -Rick likes to wear women's lingerie, but never in public. When he finally gets the nerve to shop in a lingerie store, things do not go as planned. It doesn't take long for the sales woman to realize he is shopping for himself and she is more than willing to help him dress. In fact, she insists.Executive Decisions -Michael has recently become interested in female domination. His position as mail clerk in a corporate office allows him to have adult videos and toys shipped to him anonymously. Unfortunately, when one of his packages is intercepted by Diane, the company president, she decides to test how fa

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