Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

It’s out! The second book in my series “Dominant Women Submissive Men – Femdom BDSM Stories” has dropped on Amazon and I’m sure all my readers and fans of explicit hardcore female domination erotica will love it!

Titles in this volume include:

Sissy Male Maid Auction
The Right Woman For The Job
Teaching The Boss A Lesson
The Art Of Sexual Humiliation
Big Mama’s Cane
A Mistress At Play

Always hot and XXX! Plenty of forced feminization, CBT (and sounding), caning, strapon penetration and just good old-fashioned female domination by a bevy of cruel beauties intent on teaching their males a lesson in obedience and submission!


Mistress Femme

Small Penis Humiliation Stories By Phone

Dominant women want men with large cocks and the truth be told, most men just don’t measure up!

Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

You Know You Are Sexually Inferior To Other Men

All your life you have secretly worried that your penis was too small and guess what? You’re RIGHT!

Men with little cocks and small genitals need to be scolded and humiliated by a dominant woman on almost a nightly basis, and in the interests of public mental health, we offer just that!

Call NOW And Let’s Discuss YOUR Little Cock!
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Inferior men need to be re-assured that they really are beneath contempt and not fit to sexually service a beautiful cruel bitch Mistress or dominant wife, so we are a group of cruel women who will take the time to reduce any small penis male to tears over his inability to satisfy a woman.

Call now and get your treatment men, you KNOW you have a small penis and so do WE!

Mistress Femme endorsed.

Camping With A Sissy Male Maid

Being sexually dominant can be so tiring, always having to take the lead and force your lover to obey your wishes, sometimes we gals just need to get away for a while and relax.

Relax in a way that mind sound strange to “regular” people, but seems totally natural to us.

So, my two girlfriends, Mistress Gina and Lady Astor (from My Phone Mistress a cool domination site), and I went camping last week out in the Mojave desert. And WOW, what a good time we had!

This guy Kevin, a male that was a friend of Mistress Gina’s, had begged and begged to go with us, so thinking he might come in useful, we let him.

But on one condition.

He would be our mutual slave and plaything. Of course being a stupid male, he was all on board with it thinking he was going to get fucked and just be the little love slave of three dominant Goddesses.

Idiot boy.

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