Jack’s Submission: An Adult Tale of Female Domination


Jack had been bored with his life since his divorce. Every day was the same and he had nothing to look forward to. It wasn't until a chance meeting with Sara that his life would change forever. Little did he know, that Sara had plans for him - big plans that included:Cross dressing, masturbation, anal play - even public humiliation.Jack had never been in a situation like this before. Once Sara began to take control, he found himself unable to refuse her demands. What started as a chance encounter, now had him doing things he had never imagined.This is the story of how one man began his journey into the world of female domination. 22,000+ words of adult erotica and submission. Intended for adults only.

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The Art of Sensual Female Dominance

The Art of Sensual Female Dominance

Are you looking for something novel in your sex life, a new and exciting way to express your most intimate feelings? The Art of Sensual Female Dominance is an introduction to a different, more daring love-style. Leather one night, lace the next, D&S can provide the techniques and confidence to turn you into a different woman every night, the possibilities limited only by your imagination. Besides bringing adventure to the bedroom, female dominance can be liberating and life-changing, putting you in touch with your female power and heightening your self-esteem.

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Humiliated Men: Twisted Tales of Female Domination

Humiliated Men: Twisted Tales of Female Domination

Ruled by their obsessive desires for submission, they become the playthings of women they covet. Some consent. Some even volunteer. Others are tricked into chastity cages and humiliating acts. Regardless of how they find themselves groveling at their mistresses’ feet, none of these unlucky males stand a chance against the cunning wiles of their devious femme fatales. Included in these short stories are slave training, humiliation, pussy worship, feminization, animal training, torture, piss drinking, forced m/m, shock collars, chastity devices, castration, mind games and blackmail. Twenty-three bedtime fantasies filled with plenty of kinky inspiration for submissive males and Dominant females. In Boarding House Rules, Mike’s desperate fo

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The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl

In 1994, The Mistress Manual was born as a simple pink guidebook self-published by an experienced dominant woman. She moved on to other efforts, and the book fell out of print - much to the disappointment of thousands of eager submissive men and dominant women. Now, Greenery Press has brought this classic back to life in an updated new edition - perfect reading for the woman or man who has completed our Sexually Dominant Woman and is looking for more information. Covers everything from establishing authority to exerting discipline. (Don't miss its famous "Ten Rules for a Successful Mistress"!)

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