Sissy Husband Gets Some Black Cock

My mother always wore the pants in her family and I made up my mind when I was still a young girl that I would do the same.

So when John and I got married, I made it clearly understood that I would be in charge of the finances, the household, and make all the final decisions in our marriage.

He agreed. Just to make sure he didn’t stray or waste money with his stupid male friends, I started making him wear a cotton housedress and little girl’s blue panties at home. He didn’t like the idea, but a good kick in the balls and a few sessions with a dry strapon up his ass changed his mind!

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Camping With A Sissy Male Maid

Being sexually dominant can be so tiring, always having to take the lead and force your lover to obey your wishes, sometimes we gals just need to get away for a while and relax.

Relax in a way that mind sound strange to “regular” people, but seems totally natural to us.

So, my two girlfriends, Mistress Gina and Lady Astor (from My Phone Mistress a cool domination site), and I went camping last week out in the Mojave desert. And WOW, what a good time we had!

This guy Kevin, a male that was a friend of Mistress Gina’s, had begged and begged to go with us, so thinking he might come in useful, we let him.

But on one condition.

He would be our mutual slave and plaything. Of course being a stupid male, he was all on board with it thinking he was going to get fucked and just be the little love slave of three dominant Goddesses.

Idiot boy.

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A Dominant Wife Celebrates Halloween

Halloween is coming soon (alright a few months off but what dominant wife doesn’t love a holiday that celebrates dressing up and role playing?) and it gives me the perfect excuse to further humiliate my submissive husband. Not that he really minds, I’ve pretty much broken and feminized him into being a sissy cock whore for me. I know he secretly enjoys it now when I “punish” him for being a crappy lover and sexual partner.

At least he’s stopped crying and carrying on when I order him to cross dress and entertain my friends.

Sissy Male Maid

We are having a big party Saturday night and I have decided his costume this year is going to be a French maid, specifically a sissy male maid. Yep, the complete outfit from head to toe – little black velvet dress, pretty white frilly apron, tight black fishnet stockings with garter belt (naturally) and a pair of sleek stiletto heels.

Oh and of course, a pair of delightful little pink lacy thong panties, so when I make him bend over to pick up a food tray, his ass is bare for all his macho friends to see and giggle at (or mount if they so desire).

While they will all think Jerry is laughing along with them at his “silly” sissy male maid costume, they will have no idea the delightful memories he will be walking around with from earlier in the day – Memories of me taking the wooden of his feather duster and ramming his tight little asshole with it just minutes before the party started – just so the little bitch knows his place!

I can’t wait!

At last year’s party I made him dress up like Cinderella and get under the table to suck off all the men as they relaxed after dinner with a glass of wine. Talk about “bobbing for apples”! The little sissy was so covered with cum when the meal ended that I had to order him to the shower to clean up.

I’m not much of a story teller, just a married lady who rules the house and keeps her sissy husband in line!

(Married and a REAL bitch)

Femdom sissy story copyright MistressFemme.Com all rights reserved.