Dominant Women Submissive Men

The newest collection of highly explicit short stories dealing with female domination and hardcore BDSM is out!

Six sizzling stories of dominant women in XXX action! Titles include:

A Dominant Wife
Her Panty Slave
I Spank My Husband
Her New Sissy
Golden Showers From Above
Arlene Takes Charge

Mistress Femme Invites You To Enjoy!

If you’re a fan of hardcore Femdom BDSM and male sexual humiliation erotica, this book is for YOU!

Mistress Facesitting Story

She hovered above her male slave; mouth a laughing taunting ruby red smile as she wiped his face with her wet pussy lips. She had been facesitting him with her naked shaved pussy for what seemed like hours as he lay spent and tied to the bed in her private apartment. Mistress Diana had been hired to do this by the pig himself.

A Male Ripe For Humiliation

He was an odd one. He loved to be dominated and humiliated by a dominant bitch, and to tell you the truth, Mistress Diana more than loved to comply. He paid in gold and was also quite good looking for being a grubbing male pig. His need for total sexual humiliation and degradation was desperate. He needed it badly.

She shaved her pussy hair and allowed the stubble to grow in just to taunt him and to make it rough and abrasive against his face as she treated him to some hot facesitting over and over in her apartment loft. His chin, lips and nose were totally engulfed in her pulsating wet, juicy twat. Mistress Diana had orgasmed over and over as she ground her hot throbbing pussy into this lowly male’s face and now she wanted to allow her slave boy toy some more of what he craved. She let him breathe a bit, his face beginning to show a rash from her pussy grind and he gasped for air.

A Hot Golden Shower

Sneering, she then let out a boiling stream of hot piss that filled his mouth and ran down his face.

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