Please, Ma’am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission

Please, Ma

Men are the ones gifted with all sorts of power in our society, but a dirty little secret is that so many of them long to strip themselves of this power, to be tied down, gagged, spanked, taken, and owned. They want to ease the burdens of manliness, if only for a little while, to be "ordered" to do all the naughty things of which they've dreamed. Please, Ma'am shows some of the tantalizing possibilities out there for sniveling men and the women who love them. Best-selling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered together top voices in the genre, including Stephen Elliott, Alison Tyler, Dominic Santi, and many more. In Please, Ma'am, men willingly submit to the deliciously dominant women who entertain their deepest desires and give t

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The FemDom Collection: 4 Adult Tales of Male Submission

The FemDom Collection: 4 Adult Tales of Male Submission

The FemDom Collection:4 Adult Tales of Male SubmissionThis is a collection of 4 female domination/male submission stories.The Dressing Room -Rick likes to wear women's lingerie, but never in public. When he finally gets the nerve to shop in a lingerie store, things do not go as planned. It doesn't take long for the sales woman to realize he is shopping for himself and she is more than willing to help him dress. In fact, she insists.Executive Decisions -Michael has recently become interested in female domination. His position as mail clerk in a corporate office allows him to have adult videos and toys shipped to him anonymously. Unfortunately, when one of his packages is intercepted by Diane, the company president, she decides to test how fa

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Serving FemDom Alice In Martha’s Vineyard: A Novel of Erotic Male Servitude

Serving FemDom Alice In Martha

Ariane Arborene's first FemDom novel is exciting, erotic, and sure to arouse discriminating readers interested in male submission to the Female Dominant, S&M erotica and fetish literature. Following the success of Arborene’s first book, Ariane Arborene’s Classic FemDom Stories (2010), the author has turned her hand to a novel of domination and submission. Jason is personal assistant to the powerful, dominant Alice. But his servitude goes beyond the merely professional. He services her privately, as well. It is their secret. As Her sexual servant, Jason is tested to his ultimate limits. Will he be able to please Mistress Alice with his performance? Or will his male ego get in the way? Set in rustic, beautiful Martha's Vineyard

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