Wives Who Spank – Spanked Husband Stories

Enjoy stories about dominant wives who like spanking, caning and whipping their husbands into submission and obedience? Then my latest collection of explicit short stories “Wives Who Spank – Spanked Husband Stories” should delight you no end!

Six sizzling tales of males getting in good and hard on the bare bottom from their domineering wives! Titles this time around include:

A Hair Brush For Harry
Spanked In Church
Spanking Is The Cure
Jim And The Cane
Spanked Husband Case Studies
Forced To Spank

I’ve had so many readers request this topic, one would think that all married women long for the opportunity to spank and discipline their husbands – and trust me, many do just that! These are some great stories and tales of males with their pants down and bare bottoms up for some serious marital correction and domestic discipline from their dominant wives in a variety of kinky situations and with a nice array of implements.

Grab a copy for Amazon today and enjoy!


Mistress Femme

Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

It’s out! The second book in my series “Dominant Women Submissive Men – Femdom BDSM Stories” has dropped on Amazon and I’m sure all my readers and fans of explicit hardcore female domination erotica will love it!

Titles in this volume include:

Sissy Male Maid Auction
The Right Woman For The Job
Teaching The Boss A Lesson
The Art Of Sexual Humiliation
Big Mama’s Cane
A Mistress At Play

Always hot and XXX! Plenty of forced feminization, CBT (and sounding), caning, strapon penetration and just good old-fashioned female domination by a bevy of cruel beauties intent on teaching their males a lesson in obedience and submission!


Mistress Femme

Dominant Women Submissive Men

The newest collection of highly explicit short stories dealing with female domination and hardcore BDSM is out!

Six sizzling stories of dominant women in XXX action! Titles include:

A Dominant Wife
Her Panty Slave
I Spank My Husband
Her New Sissy
Golden Showers From Above
Arlene Takes Charge

Mistress Femme Invites You To Enjoy!

If you’re a fan of hardcore Femdom BDSM and male sexual humiliation erotica, this book is for YOU!

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