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Dominant women want men with large cocks and the truth be told, most men just don’t measure up!

Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

You Know You Are Sexually Inferior To Other Men

All your life you have secretly worried that your penis was too small and guess what? You’re RIGHT!

Men with little cocks and small genitals need to be scolded and humiliated by a dominant woman on almost a nightly basis, and in the interests of public mental health, we offer just that!

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Inferior men need to be re-assured that they really are beneath contempt and not fit to sexually service a beautiful cruel bitch Mistress or dominant wife, so we are a group of cruel women who will take the time to reduce any small penis male to tears over his inability to satisfy a woman.

Call now and get your treatment men, you KNOW you have a small penis and so do WE!

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Humiliated For Having A Small Penis

Like most men, I’ve always had a secret nagging fear that my penis is too small and would make me unacceptable as a lover, and an object of ridicule for women. When younger, I used to buy men’s magazines in the local drugstore, and race home to look at the pictures of the naked men with their huge erections and massive cocks posing unselfconsciously for the camera. Looking at my own small cock, and feeling completely inferior, I would sometimes even break out into tears thinking that I would never find a woman who I could satisfy sexually with such a pathetic dick.

Women Laughed And Shamed Me For My Penis Size

As I grew older and began to date, my fears turned out to be well-founded. I was often laughed at and humiliated by girls, who upon finally see my naked manhood, would burst into laughter and spread horrible gossip about me behind my back at school, resulting in me being christened with the shameful nickname “peanut”. I would sometimes come to school and find the most obscene and vile drawings stuffed in my locker, or slipped into my backpack as I walked through the halls. It got so bad that I could not bring myself to date anymore and spent most of my adolescence masturbating in my bedroom.

But one day while reading the personals column in a local adult magazine, I happened upon an ad placed by a Dominatrix looking for clients. She stated that she specialized in something called “small penis humiliation” and though it sounded shameful and degrading, I was somehow drawn to it. Screwing up the courage to make a phone call, I contacted her and soon had booked a session at her apartment downtown.

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Little Dinky

Everybody knows Little Dinky. He’s a guy at our school who got that nickname because of his pathetically small penis, or at least that’s what people said. Personally I thought he was kind of cute and always seemed ready to let me cheat off his math tests, hehe. But it wasn’t until we went on a double date with my best friend Shanna and her boyfriend Phil, that I found out how small it really was!

We went out for a movie (a real turd called “Battleship” starring Rhianna, who sucked btw) and ended up smoking a blunt down by the river.

After we parked in my friend’s SUV, Dinky and I moved to the front and started going at it. He fumbled with my breasts and when I took off my top he said he was “so hard”. But when Dinky pulled out his cock I couldn’t believe my eyes! He was hung like a five year old. I started laughing and my friends, peering over the back seat where they were making out too, saw his little cock and started laughing too.

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