Wives Who Spank Volume 2

It’s out! The second volume of spanked husband stories from Mistress Femme entitled “Wives Who Spank 2″ and it’s HOT!

“My readers can’t seem to get enough of these dominant wife and submissive husband marital discipline and humiliation stories, so I got busy and I have to say the stories are really good!” says Mistress Femme, noted erotic author and professional Dominatrix, “When I sat down, the characters and situations just flowed. I was able to use lots of things that have happened in my real world persona as a Dominatrix and the realism comes through nicely. Of course, some are set in different times and places, but it has the overall feel of one who knows that the best thing for a woman to maintain control of her husband and marriage is by spanking him – HARD!”

Stories this time around include:

Married Men Need Discipline
Spanked In Front Of The Help
Spanking The Sissy
The Belt That Saves
Teaching To Spank
Conrad And The Cane

The action is hot and the spanking is ferocious! Come see why Mistress Femme is one of leading femdom and BDSM erotic authors working today – grab your copy of “Wives Who Spank 2: Spanked Husband Stories” today from Amazon and this site!


Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy Set: SPANKED, DENIED & COLLARED

Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy Set: SPANKED, DENIED & COLLARED

SPANKED, DENIED, & COLLARED is the trilogy set of the Dominatrix Fantasy Series (also available separately) and includes the bonus short story TAPE. These are adults-only erotic romance stories from Amazon Erotica Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers.Includes:SPANKED, Novella 1The beautiful woman Blake waited on at the diner left her business card, with this written across the back: You don't deserve a tip, little Blake. You deserve a spanking. Call me if you agree.Now Blake's about to experience his Dominatrix fantasy come true...but can he willingly submit to his very first disciplinary spanking at the hands of the lovingly sadistic Mistress Victoria?And...can he do it without falling for her?DENIED, Novella 2Blake's been having so much

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A Sissy Gets Spanked

My Mistress knows that frequently I am naughty on purpose and need my panties taken down and bare bottom spanked. But today she was not in the mood for any of my mischief and decided to teach me a lesson!

Spanked In Front Of The Guests

She was having tea in the garden with a couple of female friends, when I “mistakenly” didn’t include the sugar on the serving tray, knowing it would make her cross and hoping she would punish me. But in private – I really didn’t want her to thrash me in front of her guests. When she discovered my error, she quickly jumped to her feet and demanded I come right back out there and stand before her.

“You stupid little slut!” she screamed “I expect you to be on your best behavior when I have guests and you pull THIS shit?”

I kept my mouth shut as she had always trained me to never speak directly to her.

“Bend over that chair and take your panties down!”

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