Wives Who Spank Volume 2

It’s out! The second volume of spanked husband stories from Mistress Femme entitled “Wives Who Spank 2″ and it’s HOT!

“My readers can’t seem to get enough of these dominant wife and submissive husband marital discipline and humiliation stories, so I got busy and I have to say the stories are really good!” says Mistress Femme, noted erotic author and professional Dominatrix, “When I sat down, the characters and situations just flowed. I was able to use lots of things that have happened in my real world persona as a Dominatrix and the realism comes through nicely. Of course, some are set in different times and places, but it has the overall feel of one who knows that the best thing for a woman to maintain control of her husband and marriage is by spanking him – HARD!”

Stories this time around include:

Married Men Need Discipline
Spanked In Front Of The Help
Spanking The Sissy
The Belt That Saves
Teaching To Spank
Conrad And The Cane

The action is hot and the spanking is ferocious! Come see why Mistress Femme is one of leading femdom and BDSM erotic authors working today – grab your copy of “Wives Who Spank 2: Spanked Husband Stories” today from Amazon and this site!


Ready For A Spanking?

If you’re a fan of dominant wives and spanked husbands, you’re going to be VERY happy to know that volume two of my marital discipline stories entitled “Wives Who Spank” is just about to be released on Amazon. The subject is pretty popular, to say the least – spanked husbands who get their bare bottoms spanked, paddled and caned in a variety of kinky femdom ways!

Some like it, some don’t, but ALL get put across their wives’ lap and given a good stinging dose of female authority that goes straight to the seat of the pants!

Look for it soon, should be out the first week of March, 2014 and ready for immediate download!


Mistress Femme