Victoria’s Secret Slut: An Office FemDom Short Sex Story


Victoria & Ian are an 'Office Couple', coworkers of the opposite sex that behave like an old married couple. They each have spouses of their own to whom they are faithful. Ian is much more emotionally invested than Victoria & she can't help taking advantage of him daily in a nonsexual way. While traveling together on business Victoria has her husband's blessing to use Ian as a sexual submissive. The object of writing this story was to give more of the woman's point of view than most of my Office Femdom.I also wanted to keep things pared down to essentials.The main idea is that a simple work relationship evolves into something more complicated as emotions enter the mix with one person- the man in this case - becoming more emotionally involve

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A Wife’s Revenge

How about a delicious little sex story about a cheating husband and his soon to be dominant wife?


He had cheated on her again. The act made her feel low, unattractive and plain once more. Her husband Donald reeked of another woman and it tore at her. The alcohol on his breath was hardly noticeable anymore. Francine was tired and upset. To say she was angry was an understatement. As she sat watching him wolf the last few morsels of the dinner she had cooked she told herself she would get him back in her own way.

He scooted his chair away from the kitchen table. “Come here.” Looking at her with a smirk he unzipped his trousers.

“Hasn’t your whore already taken care of you?” she snapped.

He roughly pulled her hair and impaled her mouth on his erect throbbing cock. Francine worked his cock, licking the shaft and sucking the engorged head, wishing she could bite it off. The sense of power as his hard penis had slipped deep into her mouth recharged her. He’d been so helpless. That power had brought her near orgasm herself. Seeing him suffer was all important.

The next day while he was at work, she went shopping. She had laid across the bed and something inside her exploded. She pulled at her stiff nipples and wet dark pussy and came the hardest she had ever in her life. Now minutes before her cheating brute of a husband came home from work she looked at herself in the mirror. The transformation was complete. Her long blond hair fell below her bare smooth shoulders baring the top of her bountiful breasts in the black leather dress. Her seven-inch stiletto heels made her tall and most intimidating. Her path to becoming a dominant wife was starting.

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